Sound Of Color - Arts Camps

Omran's simple hope

Omran’s simple hope to join the art camp in 2019 became the catalyst for us to launch the Sound Of Color Arts Camp (SOC AC) again. Partnership with churches both from LA and El Cajon, the camp was a great success. 

Omran, as well as his four younger siblings, together with many other Syrian, Iraqi, Afghanistan children and youth participated in the 2nd SOC AC. In all, we had 61 campers. On the last day, they presented their art works and performed for their parents too.

Nothing is more joyful than hearing stories from their hearts!

Story In The Art

The idea of having arts camp in the midst of making a documentary was originated from home visitation at early stage of this project. Art can serve a platform for children and youth to express their inner feelings without restrain of language barrier.

It turned out to be a great experience for both the campers, art-track teachers and helpers, as well as youth’s parents. In the process of making arts and celebrating art works, everybody has a new story to tell. 

2021 SOC Egg project

2019 SOC Arts Camp

2020 SOC Virtual Arts

2018 SOC Arts Camp

Volunteers review

After the camp, there were kids telling me to have this camp longer… and I just love that we were ministering to the kids without preaching.

After I dropped my camper, his mom invited me to have some tea, but I could only stay for a few minutes. With her permission, I prayed for her older son, who has cerebral palsy. That was my favorite moment!
I like the basic heart and focus, to reach the refugee kids through the arts.

Volunteer A